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This member used WW to create the lifestyle he thought was impossible. And so far, this method has been a sustainable way to achieve his weight loss goals and simultaneously not feel deprived. Healthy Recipes.

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Success Stories. This time around, Bil is trying something different. A key part of his success, Bil explains, has been the mindset pillar that WW espouses. The coaching Bil received at WW Workshops also helped him understand his relationship with food.

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Planning his meals this way also helps him avoid unplanned eating throughout the week. FR Attend. During his times on WW, Bil says he would try to mix in a little bit of indulgent foods every day.

And for me, Blue gives me the mental edge. His weight loss journey has been a very emotional process, but Bil says WW has guided him through it.

He decided then and there to take better care of his health. Digital Dual Plans.

Digital Attend a coach-led event. Sarah Munn. These behavioural changes are what have helped Bil achieve his goals.

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He says he wants to keep evolving on WW, continuing to set new goals and compete with himself to stay motivated. Weight Loss Tips.

He takes a meal approach to every week — three meals a day, seven days a week, equals 21 meals. His doctor confirmed he was diabetic — three decades of obesity had caught up to him.

In SeptemberBil ed WW at pounds. His goal is to make 20 of those 21 meals healthy, and one of them indulgent.

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This understanding about himself helped Bil modify his goals to be more about food behaviour and healthy habits than just losing weight as quickly as possible. The only way I thought that I would get to this weight is if I found a genie in a lamp buried somewhere.

He weighs less than pounds, he says, for the first time in 30 years. She warned him of the associated health risks of diabetes, and how it could affect both his life and the lives of his wife and children, and Bil took her warning as a wakeup call.

And I think that I had tried to lose weight like a lot of men try to lose weight — like big, big weight loss goals and then use the gym not necessarily as a means to creating a healthy lifestyle but giving yourself permission to binge and then deprive and then binge and deprive.