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He afterwards allowed the whole of them to pass out by a back way. July 9, June 8. French Government has rescinded the prohibition against exportation. Money in good supply, and 7 on call. September Office, No. Agents Provincial Tug Line. Refined Rape Oil 56 lbs Liq. Physicians or Dealers requiring small quantities, will be promptly supplied. Wav May 5, Johnson k Son, and Champagne, Moet k Ohandon.

Ihe Russian Plenipotentiary was awaiting an official reply from Pekin.

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Medical assistance was at once sent for. Maybell was examined and stated that he had been called to attend the complainant, and found there was a large wound in the temple which divided the temple artery ; and had the injury been inflicted on the head of a white death would have been almost instant. July Paul Sree 3d April, PaulStreetj April The Minutes of meetings having been read, the Pr aident, W. Murray, Esq. Temjlaton Esq. A typhoon had destroyed a large of vessels in the China seas and done much damage in and around Foo Choo. November 6. The analysis of the several springs, and a full of the disorders for which they are recommended, will be found in the pamphlets published by the Society.

Great floods and considerable destruction of property in New South Wales. Montreal 18th June Sacrament Street.

Stocks all down, with more business doing. August 8.

All other solvent Banks throughout the United States, according to quotations and demand in New York. Should the Trade think favourably of our project, and send us orders, quoting prices heretofore paid, we will endeavor to fill them, if possible, at a lower rate, adding the commission.

Chicago red has been sold at 6s. Together with an endless va:iety of Rich and Elegant Fancy Goods of every description, may be found at A. Lawrence Main Street.

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BEG to solicit orders for direct importation via St. J une 3. Montreal Feb. Early application to be made on the premises. Paul and St. Nicholas Streets. Aller directement au menu principal. August No second price. Merchants and Shippers supplied from bonded Warehouses upon the lowest terms, and at a saving of the duty in England. Sterling exchange nominal.

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Montreal, 13th Oct. June Dominick Streets with a good Stone Foundation for a House thereon. Aller directement au contenu. Montreal, Sept.

Complainant said he knew the prisoner to be a member of a gang of idlers that loitered about the streets. All was well at the gold fields, mine had been discovered at Aarant, from Melbourne. The Court inquired if Pell, into whose house the prisoner and his two companions ran after the assault had been committed, was summoned as a witness ; and being informed that he had been twice subpoenaed, the Court directed that he should be brought up on Saturday to shew cause why he did not appear to give evidence.

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October 7. Montreal herald and daily commercial gazette samedi 28 novembre Montreal :Robert Weir,[] Corner of Notre Dame and ; St. Gabriel Streets. Francois Xavier Street. References allowed to tbe first Colonial Firms. Mackerel For sale by T.

June 18th Wholesale and Retail. M ool markets firm and money tight. SftTncurrent and foreign gold and silver for export purchased at best rates. Buyers from abroad should not omit to call and inspect our Sample Rooms, where they will find a systematic Classification of Goods suitable for Exportation to all parts of the World, and more particularly to Africa, India, Australia and Canada.

Patented for Canada, Dec. The above Apparatus a Model of which can be seen in operation at C. For further information and the works, apply to C. The Subscriber, having purchased largely at the extensive Sale of the late Firm of Messrs. Provisions nominal. Lard heavy and drooping.

Lawrence Engine Works August 3, July 28, May For Sale. Most ot the recent imports are being warehoused. With other articles the following. Terms can be made liberal. Pure Havana Leaf cut. Paul Street May Medical Hall.

James Street October Snuff of every variety.

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These Celebrated Mineral Waters are obtained from five different Springs, each with its peculiar aud distinguishing properties, though the same general character pervades them all. Another colored man, named Dago, was examined and corroborated the statements of the complainant.

Sales made for Cash only. To tbe lovers of a mild, healthy and unadulterated smoking Tobacco. New York State. Repairs at the shortest notice September 1. In dents of orders carefully priced, and Samples sent if required.

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MUIR, St. Paul Street. Every Scale warranted. The witness had occasion to pass through Lagau-chetiere Street, and he was followed by the prisoner and his companion. Some prolific gold fields had also been discovered at Nelson, in New Zealand. Montreal, June October Size cwt.