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A German bomb squad made an unexpected discovery when the suspected hand grenade they had been called in to inspect turned out to be a sex toy. Authorities on Tuesday said a woman had reported finding a transparent bag containing the device a day earlier while on a jog in a forest outside the Bavarian city of Passau, near the borders with Austria and the Czech Republic.

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Viral TikTok post le women in Boston, England to swap homes. Investigators said the condition of the plastic bag indicated it had been in the woods for some time before being discovered. By Ben Hooper.

The Police Headquarters in Lower Bavaria said the bomb squad was called to a wooded area outside the city of Passau, near the Austrian border, on a report of a hand grenade in a plastic bag found by a jogger. Fantasy football.

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Dinosaur statue. Jada Pinkett Smith. The bomb squad arrived on the scene and discovered the grenade-shaped object was made of rubber and was accompanied by two condoms, an empty bottle of personal lubricant and a USB charging cord. Odd News.

Jordan's father. April 27 UPI -- Police in Germany said a bomb squad was summoned on a report of a grenade spotted by a jogger in the woods, but they arrived to find the object was a rubber sex toy.

Latest Headlines. They arrived to find the suspected explosive device was a harmless sex toy. Listing for all-black 'goth home' in Illinois goes viral.

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Police said the bomb squad did an online search and confirmed the suspected explosive was a harmless sex toy. Lithium-ion battery.

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