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The main surely was: "Is Mondly good? Fortunately for us, there are many languages on Mondly Because of that, there is a serious chance that the one you want to learn is waiting for you. English American. What's more, Mondly also has the option to learn from more than just English. Like many other language apps, Mondly prefers short yet frequent lessons.

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But you do in the spelling interaction. Learn a new language in !

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It made it difficult to feel confident using what I learned in the app. Uses words and phrases spoken in real-world situations Motivational features to keep users engaged Detailed statistics to evaluate time spent on the app Great audio quality Good diversity of languages covered. In contrast, I enjoyed learning with the chatbot. The Mondly app uses a combination of course materials, augmented reality ARand chatbots to help learners master a new language.

For the most part, I learned a lot of new vocabulary and materials.

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Plus, the lessons are quick, so you can always fit them in — no matter how busy you are. It has a lot of fantastic and useful vocabulary and phrases for a beginning language learner, and even lower intermediate. I wanted to see what levels the app is most appropriate for and test the material with languages from three different language families. There are much fewer interactions than there are with the Premium lessons, so your total time studying per lesson is much less.

It even worked well while I had music playing in the background. If I stuck to the suggested answers, however, I had very little trouble getting it to recognize what I said and it was a fun way to practice German.

Learning thai with mondly – a comprehensive review

Full disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. And if you complete each weekly quiz, you can also unlock a monthly challenge. While the responses available to you are limited, it gives you the chance to roleplay in a variety of situations you may find yourself in with your new language.

The quality of the audio is also great.

Mondly review: my experience using mondly to learn 5 languages [in-depth review]

As you earn more points, you reach new levels in the app and rank higher on the Leaderboard. I started with German and spent most of my time with this language because it is my current focus. There are also a lot of features that help you stay motivated and coming back to learn.

Mondly teaches you very useful vocabulary and phrases. The daily lessons unlock every twelve hours, and if you complete an entire week of daily lessons, you unlock a more lengthy weekly test. They use real voice actors to record the audio, so you practice your listening comprehension with real speakers and not a computer-generated voice.

The or topics include:. Before writing this review, I used it to help one of my newer languages Germanimprove one of my okay languages Japaneseand to support one of my better languages Croatian. Even with just five minutes to spare, I can squeeze language learning into my day. This only happens with the sentence exercises, however. For the original version of this Mondly review, I decided to try the app with a relatively new language Germanan intermediate language Japaneseas well as with one of my stronger languages Croatian.

ing up for a paid unlocks the remaining lessons. You get a lot of variation in the material you learn with the daily lesson and if you miss one, you lose out on the weekly quiz and then monthly quiz! A lot of the material was not challenging enough for me with a more advanced language, so it made sense for me to spend more time using the app with languages like German and Japanese where I needed more support. If you make a mistake, the first star is removed.

Try Mondly here.

You also have detailed stats presented to you as a part of a beautiful and interactive illustration. With the third star, you have a couple of chances before you lose the third star and have to repeat the lesson. Your rank can be sorted by total points earned or longest learning streak, the month or all time.

It was also interesting to see how Mondly handled teaching languages with different writing systems. She is currently based in Southern California where she performs as a professional musician. According to their website, at the time of writing they have over 40 million users.

If you have the audio on, however, many of the exercises are too easy because you hear the correct answer before you are required to do the exercise.

Mondly – top-level overview

That is, if you have the audio off. The first half of the tutorial is a series of screens that show you the basic features of the app before prompting you to activate a paid subscription on the final screen. That said, Mondly does have a few things that need to be addressed in order for it to become an even better app. You can just head to their website or download the app and start learning.

With German, I ran into another issue with the translations. What is Mondly? You can also connect your to Facebook or Google so that you can in that way as well.

You can compare how much of your language you know with other learners by seeing where you rank on the Leaderboard. If you would like to improve your score and earn more points, you can repeat a lesson. With a freeyour options are limited.

Many of the basics like introductions, colors, and s are towards the end of the learning path they deed whereas topics like romance are closer to the beginning. Why might you want more points? Either way, because of this, I ended up turning off the volume so that I could answer based on what I knew.

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These include the daily lesson. Limited free version with frequent prompts to upgrade No grammar lessons Exercises can get too easy Not much sense in the lesson order.

They currently support 41 languages that can be used in any combination. Instead, it made the first screen I saw a few topics down the learning path. The free version of Mondly is limited and you are frequently prompted to upgrade to Premium. Getting access to extra learning material is definitely great motivation for coming back each day and keeping up your studies!

Instead, you can learn Russian through French, Thai through Spanish, or whatever other combination best suits your needs. Alex Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu founded Mondly in The company is headquartered in Brasov, Romania and the team behind the app is always growing.

Her passions are cooking, reading, traveling and sharing her adventures in language learning. I almost always have it with me and there are lo of apps that are available. At times, however, I struggled with some of the phrases and translations.

As I mentioned, I also tried the app out for Japanese, Persian and Russian, all of which have different writing systems. Same with the second.