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They were kind enough to send us a wonderful picture of Diane walking on a deserted beach for us to put in our 'Your Experiences' section, together with a short description of their stay. This so attracted our interest that we contacted George and Diane and asked if they would be willing to write an of their holiday. They were only too pleased to do so and as a result you are able to read their version of the holiday in Cuba, together with further pictures that they sent. Next morning it was a short local flight to Cayo, about 30 minutes. They had two hurricanes within a month, but no damage worth mentioning, apart from the beach umbrellas and the sand which had been washed out to sea, from our hotel and the east.

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The island does attract quite a few of them.

Well, again you are not in Varadero. The hotels ofter free transfers to some special beaches. Die Anlage ist sauber, bietet gute Verpflegung und die Bungalows sind neu erbaut.

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Having first handedly experienced the supreme service of the Sol Clubs in Cuba, one does notice a difference in service. Angeboten wird die Anlage von Meiers, Neckermann und Oeger.

Cayo Largo is not Varadero nor Cayo Coco, nor any other place in Cuba, and travellers should be warned not to expect the service that they receive at other Cuban resorts, let alone other places in the Carribbean. The beaches are amongst the finest I have ever seen in the Caribbean, or the world for that matter.

There was always plenty to eat. Moreover, having said that, the generous spirit of the Cuban people shines through and the friendliness of the resort staff is quite evident.

To our readers:

Also, of note, the Villa Capricho hotel allows naturism around their resort. Often a bar would run out of a particular drink. The hotels are fogged at night to reduce the problem. The staff puts on a little show which they try to involve the guests children and there is one disco. Moreover, families are more than welcome in Cayo Largo, and by the hotels most people were clothed.

Toggle MENU. However, make sure to try the food at the restauraunts on the beach. The naturism was legally practiced a few minutes walk away from the main hotel beach by the European clientele.

Often by 8 am or 9 am the specialty restauraunts were fully booked. The food is fine in the context of a nation experiencing some shortages.

The areas, where the majority of the guests stayed the guests were clothed or topless. The sand just melts between your toes. Welcome to St. It is not a purely naturist resort or beach.

However, I think the mosquitos live in the airport, and one should have some repellent on at the airport. As the island is all inclusive, one can visit any of the restauraunts.

The beaches are not crowded like they are in other resorts and one can quickly find a private place. Sie werden aber wiederhergestellt.

Cayo largo, cuba: nude beaches, relaxation

You can walk for miles and it just keeps getting better. The island, in traditional Cuban form, is absolutely safe.

The water is crystal clear and the postcard perfect beaches lulls one into a relaxed nirvana. One has to make a reservation for the specialty restauraunts early in the morning. The service at the Hotels is painstankingly slow at all the restauraunts, and the bars, in particular. However, I say just try something new.