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Our favorite is their Apfelwein which is a tart apple wine. They are famous for their sparkling Prosecco and even do a wine barrel tapping on opening day. Drinking in Munich in the Fall is no coincidence because it is important to the beer brewing cycle. The Words : Prost pa-roast is the standard word for cheers in German.

This is a great place to get a little sweeter alcohol to sip on. Since then, what was once more of an Agricultural festival has grown into a state-fair-like collection of dozens of beer tents holding s of drinkers a piece. You can buy beer in Germany at age 16 and hard alcohol at The same holds true for the beer tents at Oktoberfest in Munich.

Bavarian beer is known for its full flavor and higher alcohol percentage, but it also has more sugar than normal. Disclaimer: Information on this and in our walking tours were deemed accurate when published, however, details such as opening hours, rates, transportation, visa requirements, and safety can change without notice. This festival is very much like Oktoberfest as everyone dresses up in traditional clothing, uses communal benches, sings to music.

How is Bavarian Beer Different? Hefeweissen hefa-vi-sen wheat beer which is really big in Bavaria is served a special glass when you are in an old school bar hall. We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. Tapping Cups : In Germany, and most of Europe, they tap the bottom of your glasses together instead of the top like in America.

Radler is the same price as regular beer and a lot cheaper than Oktoberfest wine.

To empty their old barrels for the new Fall season, the Breweries used to throw huge parties to get people to drink the last of the Marzen Beer made in March at the bottom of the barrels. Common flavors include Kirsch cherryApfel apple and Pfefferminz peppermint plus many more. Weisswein white wine and Rotwein red wine are their staples with Riesling being the 1 type of wine. Where can I get Wine At Oktoberfest?

The Wine Tent Weinzelt : Has over 15 different types of wine. Cafe Kaiserschmarrn : Although it is one of the 22 small tents at Oktoberfest, this Gingerbread castle-like cafe is a great place to get wine and other tangy drinks. Helpful German Drinking Words:. The festivities for May Day also have a lot of dancing around the May Pole.

Here are the answers to a bunch of common questions we often get about drinking beer and wine at Oktoberfest in Munich. While there are over 40 types and brands a true Bavarian is held to strict brewing standards. The result has been some of the best, and most consistent beer in the World.

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They sure do! Wine is commonly served in a half liter glass called Halben Liter in German. Sekt zeckt is champagne although Champagner sham-pan-ya also works. Because the leftover Marzen beer at the bottom of the barrel was aged much longer than the rest, the beer became much darker and stronger referred to as Dunkel. The other highlights include the Strong Beer Festival Starkbierzeit each March where the extra strong Doppelbock beer has been featured since the s.

These rules are called the Bavarian Purity Law Reinheitsgebot of which limits the ingredients and regulates how the beer is made. The schnapps in German is a little more syrupy than in America but it is good. Featured Article. Munich Menu.

Another factor that made the beer popular at Oktoberfest was the quality in Munich. Some people do prefer the taste of Spritzer to wine. Please check with any destinations directly before traveling. Follow Us. Send this to a friend Your Recipient Send Cancel. Each tent will have beer from the main brewery that sponsors the tent. This mixture at least kills some of the beer flavor of the drink. In the local brewers got even more involved in Oktoberfest by adding a large parade, expanding their influence, and shortly after started building mega tents.

Dry goods like Hops and Barley come into season in the Fall so it is traditionally the same time when brewers would buy ingredients and start a new brewing season. We accidental bought a bottle of horrible carbonated wine and learned our lesson.

Thank you for subscribing. This Spring festival is huge and has been taking place on the same grounds of Oktoberfest since It is complete with carnival rides and huge beer tents, some the same ones from Oktoberfest.

It runs in mid-August instead of September, is celebrated by the whole city in a big beer tent, and is called the 5th Season by locals. Riesling is our favorite type of German white wine. If you hear a whistle being blown it means there is a server carrying beer behind you trying to get through. Wasser is water, Tafelwasser is bottled water and Hahnenwasser is tap.

In comparison to Spring Marzen beer we mentioned above, the darkened beer left in the barrels from the celebrated Fall brewing season is called Bock and is traditionally served in the Winter. Zum Wohl sum voilmeaning To Your Health, can be added at the end of any cheers, but is most commonly used when drinking wine. First Name. Russ is typically only in the smaller beer tents but you can still look for it. The water is almost as expensive as the beer, but you have to stay hydrated. Likewise, Vienna also has their own version of Oktoberfest starting at the end of September.


Something went wrong. Germany is a huge wine wein in German, pronounced vine country, even though Oktoberfest it is almost all about the Bavarian beer. This is a huge deal as an Oktoberfest goer as the most popular tent now has everything under one roof.