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HealthfulChat is dedicated to offering a support system for those who live with a physical disability or mobility issue.

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Is "the little blue " here to stay, or does it need a makeover?

Types of handicaps

No one knows why Kofoed deed the symbol without one, but some say she was trying to keep the symbol unisex. BraunAbility Owner?

Other Accessible Living Articles:. So, it seems the task of redeing the ISA symbol is on the horizon.

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I can't help but think if humankind can land on the moon, cure various diseases and develop phenomenal computer systems, a new, updated de for handicapped accessibility can certainly happen. They needed a color that would stand out, so they made the stick figure white for contrast in the de, and chose a blue background.

But many feel the symbol is in need of an update. Some believe a person statically confined to a wheelchair is insensitive. location to see vehicles and dealers in your area.

The task of accurately representing all those with disabilities will undoubtedly be a challenge. So where did this little white figure on the handicap come from, and how was it developed?

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The ICTA chose her de but modified it a bit adding a head, for one thing and added color. Some feel the wheelchair itself is outdated, that it represents a degree of inactivity and disability that doesn't accurately represent how persons with a disability function at work, on sports fields, or in the community. Back inthe International Commission on Technology and Accessibility ICTA held a competition to de a symbol that would deate handicapped accessible areas. The wheelchair figure does not represent disabilities like impaired vision, hearing loss, etc.

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I guess I never paid much attention to the "little white stick figure" on handicap s. Her de was similar to what is used today on handicap s - an outline of a person sitting in a wheelchair - but her de was not used right away since it was missing a head.

History of the handicap

History of the Handicap. Susanne Kofoed, a graphic deer from the Copenhagen area of Denmark, won the competition.

Chat Here. I mean, that white figure sitting in a wheelchair in the blue square on that handicap its real name is the International Symbol for Accessibility just told me where to park my BraunAbility Entervan.