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This trend was supported by the foresighted plans of municipalities and with the support of the district for instance with the deation of industrial parks. This is a clear indication for it that the medium-sized companies are the most important group of employers.

The District of Freising is located between the Bavarian capital Munich and the largest hop-growing area of the world, famous Hallertau. From then on, Freising was no longer the capital of a sovereign state, but only a small Bavarian provincial town. At those times, the population figures are reported to have declined from about 6, to 3, people.

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The district of Freising moreover still has growth in employment figures. The secularization following thereafter resembled a cultural revolution: Abbeys and monasteries were closed, churches and chapels were deemed unnecessary and dispensable and were thus torn down, and the most precious art treasures were auctioned or sold at the cheapest rates.

The withdrawal of the Romans had not led to abandoning the settlement. The well-balanced mixture of undertakings of different sizes and industries, the vicinity of the State capital Munich, the favourable transport connections and the outstanding infrastructure lure employers and employees alike. The district of Freising is cosmopolitan and attached to its home at the same time — maybe this is the reason why you simply feel good here. The public hand correspondingly primarily invests in schools, facilities for children and elderly people as well as in the development of the public local traffic and streets.

Today, the town Moosburg on the Isar is a middle-order centre, and the conspicuous spires of St. Castulus and St. The Castulus Minster accommodates several outstanding artworks of the important sculptor of Landshut, Hans Leinberger. The working group not only published some brochures on the topic, but rather also a leisure time map showing the most beautiful cycling tours through the hop-growing region.

The service providers are on top of the value creation chain.

Bishop Egilbert to transferred this Benedictine abbey to Weihenstephan and replaced it by a collegiate church. The industrial areas are spread throughout the entire district. Its age is estimated with approximatelyyears. Since the Domberg is still the see of a regional bishop. Arbeo to B. Bishop Otto I. In a disastrous fire wracked and ruined the Cathedral and the city. Stone tools dating back to the Middle Stone Age as of 10, B. Hunters and gatherers wandered through our region at the end of the Ice Age, set up their open air camps in the warm summer months and thereby occasionally lost their stone tools at the river edges.

On November 27,Kurbayern formally seized Freising. In spite of a rapidly grown "high tech landscape" the district of Freising still has an outstanding industrial mix with medium-sized companies. Already thousands of years ago people were in search for a place to live. In the Romanic monastery church the relics of the catacomb saint Castulus are the main attraction. The castles in the district such as Au, Asch, Haindlfing, Hohenkammer, Inkofen and Isareck remind of the former social order and the marcher lords.

Freising is also among the top locations in surveys regarding the life quality or living quality. Aided by the emperor, the still existing Romanic Cathedral was built, to which elements of all other stylistic periods were added through the years. Also the fields of competence nutrition and food sciences or the information and communication technologies need not fear competition.

They offer practical support in economy and technics to those searching advice and use their commitment to contribute to maintaining existing jobs and creating new ones. In the Hallertau region a lot of feasts and events take place particularly during harvest time. People like living here. The members of Aktivsenioren Bayern e. The actual colonization of our district started around 6, B. They obviously found plenty of such settlement sites on the loess surfaces along the courses of the rivers and rivulet streams north of Freising.

Whoever wanders along this path learns everything worth knowing about hops and beer from 15 wall charts — analogous to the 15 seal counties certifying the provenience of the hops.

Here they can find the necessary child care facilities, all types of schools and two universities. In the meantime, the district grows by some 2, people each year.

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However, numerous other municipalities of the district of Freising have churches and chapels in abundance, which are partially regarded as ificant civil works equipped with artistically valuable sculptures. The four hop-growing districts have established a working group advertising for the scenic beauty and the art and culture of this hop-growing area steeped in tradition.

With the work of the wandering bishop Corbinian almost 1, years ago the traditional role of Freising as episcopal city began. Three large ro coming from the south, west and north merged here. Three fourth of the economic performance are generated in trade, traffic and services, and only one percent is generated in agriculture.

It is pretty easy to see: Here is where the most indispensible fundamental components for beer-making are harvested. About the end of the 16th century the entire monastery was moved to Landshut because of power-political considerations.

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Moosburg is mentioned first in history in the year as Benedictine abbey. Freising was literally bankrupt.

The individual factors leading to these valuations are identical or similar in most of these surveys: First and foremost the level of employment, the excellent transport connections, but also the offers in the field of care and education facilities, the medical care, the local traffic system as well as soft location factors such as nature, landscape and the cultural offer play a major role.

Who wants to bind a hop crown can address the committed female hop farmers for advice and help. Once a month the Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the association Aktivsenioren Bayern offer consultation hours in the District Office of Freising. Surveys reveal now and again that the district of Freising ranks first among the German cities and districts in terms of the best future prospects for its population.

With its 17, hectare the world's largest connected hop growing area extends over the four districts Freising, Kelheim, Landshut and Pfaffenhofen. The perpetual population growth is responsible for high requirements regarding the infrastructure in the district and the municipalities.

The Freising Cathedral was recently completely restored and regularly attracts lots of visitors, not only since the visit of Pope Benedict XVI in They occupied the Domberg and the Weihenstephan hill. During Roman Times, the southern district used to be an important traffic junction.

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The then existing traffic and administration structures were rather taken over by the succeeding ancient Bavarians. That way, this region has already touched many people in the most literal physical sense.

Its members are retired experts sharing their professional and life experiences with others. An outstanding hospital and a broad spectrum of physicians in private practice provide medical care. Far more than 4, enterprises offer jobs to about 66, employees liable to contribute to social security.

Alban and Wies near Freising. The unit for the promotion of economic development in the District Office provides detailed information for entrepreneurs and start-ups in paper form or on the Internet www.

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InMoosburg was chartered, and in the course of time this town was even promoted to the seat of the ducal district court. The oldest find is a biface made of flint stone stemming from the time of the Neanderthals. With an average age of 38 years the district has the youngest population in the whole of Bavaria.

The map also contains the twelve kilometre adventure path "Hops and Beer" between Mainburg and Ratzenhofen. The counts of Moosburg were always keen on their upcoming settlement until they died out in the 13th century. For quality time discover and enjoy art treasures, beauties of nature and traditions in the 24 cities, towns and municipalities. Bicyclists are invited to guided cycle tours through the hop gardens. In the past decades the district changed massively: The formerly rather rural area developed to a much sought-after business location with one of the lowest unemployment rates in Germany.

Further information can be obtained on the internet from the "Location Information System Bavaria" of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce under www.

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Many of the more than 5, German beer brands have a little piece of Hallertau in them. In the course of establishing the diocese Freising by St. Boniface in the year B. Over the centuries, Freising at the same time developed to a sovereign state, and the Prince-bishops as secular and clerical leaders reigned from their see on Domberg.

They are the most important growth drivers. The association Aktivsenioren Bayern e. A region in the north of the district is well-known all over the world: the hop-growing region Hallertau. Hop poles towering up to seven metres, interspersed by barley and corn fields, crisscrossed by crystal-clear rivulets. Only slowly did Freising recover from the hard blow of secularization.

Considering that the unemployment rate is one of the lowest in the whole of Germany, one can speak about full employment. A masterpiece of the South-German late-gothic is his towering carved wing altar. With the seminary, the philosophical-theological university as well as other schools and institutions on the Domberg new mental and spiritual life began to flourish.