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However Burke recognises that some creative licence was needed for the show — and that some characters like slaves such as Antigone, played by Melodie Wakivuamina and Colette Dalal Tchantcho and the brothel owner Balbina played by Isabella Rossellini were invented. Within the framework of stuff that really happened, we were able to invent new reasons for why it happened while staying faithful to history. What we know of their character, we will put that in.

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Domina takes place right after the assassination of Julius Caesar in 44 BC. It tells the story of the royal family from the perspective of the women behind the most powerful men in Rome. Livia and her peers navigate their way through a brutal society by means of strategy, conspiracy, seduction, and murder.

But in those times, politics was a life and death affair, so the stakes were rather higher.

Domina will change that by telling the story of Livia Drusilla, one of the most interesting and powerful women in Roman history. Main Menu.

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Take the official Evie reader survey. Sky Atlantic is changing that with their new drama set in Ancient Rome, Domina.

Seek Truth. Creator Simon Burke believes the family drama in the show will remind viewers of the current drama surrounding the British royal family.

You will also see plenty of familiar faces sprinkled throughout the cast. The release date in the U. We rarely see historical dramas about Ancient Rome, which is a shame because its history is fascinating.

Polish-Italian actress and model Kasia Smutniak stars as Livia, and speaks highly of her character. Print Edition.