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From Mike Myers doing "Sprockets" on SNL to that one scene in Super TroopersAmerican pop culture depicts German subculture as anywhere from kinky and intense to borderline frightening. But when you move to Berlin, you hear nada about how to get around the city's underbelly of public sex, and diverse turn-ons and orientations So when I recently arrived at a German sex club in Downtown Berlin, naturallyI had to figure things out for myself. It wasn't long before I gave myself over to the laser beams, crowds of glistening strangers in leather and lace, and thumping, heavy house music. I'm not anything close to a swinger or fetishist though I have a shoe collection that begs to differ ; but I learned enough to share with you eight tips for surviving a sex club of your own.

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#1 / berghain & panorama bar

In doubt, keep it simple, and keep it black. After being asked by the doorman if we were wearing anything a bit sexier under our woolly jumpers and both of us simultaneously flashing him, we followed everyone and disrobed, leaving everything in the free cloakroom. Check out my Berlin tour recommendations! Actually, BKK is not really liberated while Berlin is. Berlin i am coming. Always a good idea to carry condoms and set up a meeting point with your friends — there are a lot of people! Ah yes, the male kit kat club what to wear conundrum.

And Berlin has loosened me upin all the best possible ways. KitKat sounds fun! Kitkatclub is super chill! Sure, there were people having sex around me, but to me, at that moment in time, it was just beautiful. I will have a good search around and update my article! I typically find that my hesitancy is quite unwarranted. I really am! Saturday night will also do. I remember thinking she was either completely off her rocker, or something decidedly weird or wrong was going down in Berlin.

The cities are very different but mostly behind the scenes. Quite interesting. In my book, the less you wear the better when doing the sex club Berlin thing! I definitely would go back to Berlin to explore more in depth the city. So we went to friedrichshain instead to party. They refused us entry at the door, probably because we are straight males. And that goes both for men and women. It all started as a bit of a joke when I was trying to convince myself that going to a spa completely nude with a group of friends was no biggie. I also visited a naked spa in Germany last year and the experience was extremely liberating…and I would do it again when I visit the country next time.

Kitkat is not a gay sex club per se, but really anything goes here. My thing is I always feel a bit hesitant…being a gay man…when I go to some sex clubs. I have read about clothing optional beaches and visited FKK in Vienna along the Danube fully clothed but never heard of nude clubs.

Just a way to make money. Being from New Orleans nothing really shocked us but we are getting older so we definitely enjoyed the experience overall and felt that it was awesome. But we totally missed hearing or learning about their Sex Club worlds even though now I remember something about it on one of those HBO afterdark documentaries.

The 17 best clubs in berlin

Every second Friday is Revolver, where Kit Kat becomes a gay club for a night, an especially good time for my gay men friends ou there. Go get it. Grab your fetish wear some recommendations below and why not maybe some body paint, and get ready for a good time. Patpong show is nothing to write home about. Was I naive before or has Berlin turned me into a pervert?

My trips to Berlin have only involved history and culture and food! So I got one of these little s for my next Kit Kat club outfit! I visited Kitkat Club wearing these latex hotpants and a see-through bralette and felt overdress. It may well be one of your best clubbing experiences.

We definitely explored their party world and it was good. Bored of the sex club Berlin options already? The only thing that comes to mind is a horrible reference to 50 shades of grey and his ripped up jeans with a bare chest… For me that still works though.


The clubbing crowd is quite mature in Berlin. I remember being at my Couchsurfing host Laura in Milan in preparation for my arrival to Berlin, about five years ago. Love that you write about these things!

There are several sizes of dance floor to pick from at KitKat with different styles of music some great and not-so-great music in my opinion! That sounds totally insane lol. A simple pair of black shorts and a bare chest will do.

There are people of all ages in there! Would I go there? My friends, please come to the dark side. Where to start. But the whole discussion would lead to far. Neither spectacular on any dimension nor really anything BKK stands for. It definitely sounds like quite the experience! Much better. Wear nothing is one answer but what if I want to wear something?

For me Berlin is about history, culture and environment.

Berlin sex club: my kitkat experience

Can someone tell what are menswear for these clubs? Even tough you cal yourself prude, I think it was very prude of you to actually go naked all the way! It targets everyone! It is a Berlin sex party after all! Oh yeah, I nearly fell into that too and then decided not to go in the end. I definitely had a much tamer trip when I was in Berlin- just seeing historic monuments! There are many blogs which tells what wear to reduce you chance of rejection but all those for women. I went with a girlfriend, danced the night away, watched all the beautiful people strut their stuff and more, and got home by 7am, which is pretty early for a night out in Berlin if you ask me.

I survived a german sex club

Just tried to get in and the bouncer decided that man alone were not allowed!!! Not at all! Wondering about the Kitkat Berlin dress code? Kitkat Club Berlin has got to be the most consensual place I have ever visited. Maybe with the fact that I am excessively prude, despite what the people in my social circle would say of me right now. It sounds like there is a bit of everything in Berlin and this is some of the not so known.

KitKat dresscode unlocked, we are in, weeee! And I was beautiful. She lived between the two cities, spent a lot of her weekends in Berlinand kept yapping on about how free-spirited Berlin was. In the grander scheme of Kit Kat Berlin or any sex clubs Berlin stories though, my experience was pretty tame. And everyone was beautiful. With such a place comes a set of rules and I felt respected and comfortable to a point I never did in any other random bar.

No matter your sexual orientation, the club culture in Berlin is a safe space and open environment for all to be free and enjoy hedonism. So any suggestion will be great.

Do check out their Electric Monday or Carneball Bizarre parties too! Do places like the kit kat target singles or did you see couples there?

My KitKat Berlin experience was beautiful. So come to club nights with an open mind, there is so much to explore in Berlin outside of the mainstream clubs. Anything goes and there is something liberating about that.