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Special highlight this year is the spectacular light staging with high-altitude fireworks for the turn of the year, directed by Gert Hof. Creating an awesome lighting show for the turn of the year Fulfill the superlatives of the famous open air event Spectacular light staging with high-altitude fireworks Interaction of light and live music performances. After 10 years, the lighting artist from Berlin returns to the place of the great millennium celebration. Here he will enchanting again Berlin and all national and international participants and guests with an unique light, laser and aerial fireworks staging. For the musical accompaniment of his lighting show originally Bonnie Tyler and Paul Potts could be gained.

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Discover the many facets of Berlin on a sightseeing tour — from classic sights to the Berlin Wall and local highlights in the districts. Find offer. A guide to the gay and lesbian nightlife. Promoting tolerance and diversity. This means that the Berlin Police Headquarters at Alexanderplatz remains a credible threat of force despite its policy of tolerance towards the gay and lesbian scene.

His Berlin Stories were written during his time in Berlin, and would later provide the inspiration for the musical Cabaret.

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In Berlin's Gay Museum you will take a journey through the eventful history of the gay, lesbian and transgender scene. Inthe gay and lesbian' associations briefly unite to form an action group to ensure their voices are heard during an upcoming criminal justice reform. The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee, remains the most politically influential association with its lobbying activities, its alliances and awareness campaigns, right up until the early s.

At the end of the s, the British author Christopher Isherwood arrives in Berlin to sample the pleasures of its liberal gay nightlife. Having opened in Kantstrasse init relocated to Lutherstrasse in before moving on to the building on the corner of Motzstrasse and Kalckreuthstrasse in Mind-bogglingly beautiful female impersonators are the main attraction at the dance parties held every evening.

The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee had been filing petitions since calling on the Reichstag to abolish the special law against homosexual men. Experience all the glitz and glamour of the theatre by catching a show or musical in Berlin - the scene here is wide and thrilling. As part of the MonGay programme, films of particular. As the manager of the Violetta Ladies' Club, Lotte Halm, along with several hundred of her fellow female members, helps shape major sections of the lesbian movement and entertainment scene from on.

Numerous hotels and guest houses, beauty and hairdressing salons, tailors and photo studios, doctors and lawyers in private practice, libraries, cigarette and shoe shops, and even a car rental company, a travel agency and a distributor for potency pills advertise in gay and lesbian magazines.

Founding of the Scientific-Humanitarian Committee. There's a special atmosphere late every Monday night at the famous Kino International. Another homosexual association is founded with an exclusive Union for Male Culture, which called itself the Community of the Unique.

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The highlight of the weekend is the variety shows and performances by famous stars of the scene, including the dancer Ilonka Stoyka. Inthere is an International Travel Guide to promote them — the very first gay and lesbian guide. The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee drafts an alternative concept that gained much attention, and inthe criminal justice commission responsible decides to reform Paragraph However, the hopes of newly-found freedom are soon dashed by a conservative government that is elected to power.

By there are twice as many. For opera and dance lovers visiting Berlin, the huge wealth of venues, big and small, are sure to make for a memorable evening out here. In Berlin, around 40 venues open as meeting places for men — and increasingly for women as well. The legendary "Eldorado".

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The Fight against Paragraph The competing gay and lesbian associations are united in their fight against Paragraph which criminalises homosexual acts. A column erected opposite Charlottenburg Town Hall serves as a memorial to its historical birthplace.

Gay Neighbourhoods in Berlin. A of lesbian women, including Johanna Elberskirchen and Toni Schwabe, take a pro-active stance and fight to become actively involved in the gay movement, arguing in favour of having their say in Magnus Hirschfeld's Scientific-Humanitarian Committee. Berlin's official tourist ticket.

It is a doctors' clinic and, at the same time, a centre for the gay and lesbian emancipation movement. Whether sauna, saltwater pool or massage - here is. Its founder, the publisher and anarchist Adolf Brand, acknowledges the existence of a distinct homoerotic cultural history extending from Ancient Greece through to the present. Berlin has a long and proud history of inclusion. A of barkeepers forces to support the movement.

The Scientific-Humanitarian Committee — the very first gay and lesbian organisation in the world — was founded in Berlin. More than six thousand prominent personalities from the German Empire and, later, the Weimar Republic have ed the petition.

His goals: freedom from persecution by the state and religious oppression, the fight for emancipation and social recognition.

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It proves to be a crowd-puller with its functions to increase public awareness and its museum on the history of sexuality. Every evening, there is a stage programme or live music to dance to, along with carnival costume balls and literary readings. There is a column not far away to commemorate it.

A travel guide for lesbians is published in Berlin's Lesbian Women.

More than 12m sold tickets. Berlin's first gay wine bar. Association for Human Rights. Her portrait was even printed on the cover of the lesbian magazine Liebende Frauen Loving Women.

Its founder is the Jewish doctor Magnus Hirschfeld. Inthe associations are united under the leadership of the publisher Friedrich Rzuweit in the Association for Human Rights.

Details can be found in our privacy policy. Berlin for women. Bourgois Feminism. The co-owner of the restaurant, Alma Dalbelli, continues running the business as the Como from on: it was Berlin's very first gay wine bar.

Tips for Berlin's Lesbian Scene. She unites her association with the Monbijou Women's Club inwhich also includes transvestites and transsexuals, cooperating with the Association for Human Rights and constantly finding new venues for events.

Public parks such as Tiergarten, public baths and a range of railway stations traditionally provided places for many homosexual men to meet. This site is now occupied by the Alexa shopping centrewith its size and colour serving as a reminder of the former red behemoth. The gay and lesbian movement rapidly gains pace with the Friendship Associations and their local branches all over Germany, which are founded from on.

InMagnus Hirschfeld is aware of six pubs known to be venues for gays and lesbians. Berlins gay neighbourhoods. Tips for Gay and Lesbian bars in Berlin.


The community is growing. Congresses and campaigns focussed on sexual reform make it internationally renowned. The Scorpion, the first lesbian novel, is penned by the Berlin author Elisabeth Weihrauch in Furthermore, the first gay film, entitled Different from the Others directed by Richard Oswaldis shown in cinemas.

Show details. Their persistence pays off when Toni Schwalbe is elected to the Chairmen's College, the governing body of the committee, in and Johanna Elberskirchen in The first lesbian novel. Leave the hustle and bustle of the big city and dive into a water world of the senses.

The same year, he opens the first bookshop for gays and lesbians. Another icon of queer life in Berlin in the s is the singer Claire Waldoff, who also lived in Berlin with her female partner.

There are now around 80 venues for gays and lesbians i n Berlin: beer-soaked dives and distilleries, bourgeois restaurants, wine bars and clubhouses, dance halls and dance palaces, ballrooms and cosmopolitan night-time bars. I agree to have maps from Google Maps displayed to me.

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Lesbians generally became involved in bourgeois feminism as a way to assert their interests and to fight for the right to their own careers and independence, as well as the right to political activity and the right to vote. Founding of the Union for Male Culture. The gay and lesbian Nightlife. Together with barkeeper Daisy, they become the wildly popular hallmark of the Eldorado, helping it to achieve fame far beyond the borders of Berlin and Germany.

Berlin's legendary Eldorado is an international tourist magnet. More about the Berlin WelcomeCard.