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The Kristen Archives are a free erotic story resource for consenting adults. Please come back often. If you find a broken link, please help us by reporting it to: The Staff. This is a collection of bestiality stories from the Kristen Directories. If you have some good "bestiality stories" -- or have written one that isn't here, how about sending it in so everyone can read it. For more beastiality stuff.

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But the experiment may not be entirely what it seems. The House of the Cat — A mother and son go on holiday to the Caribbean and enjoy a special show. Stories were told of seeing her late at night, running naked with the wolf pack. By Unkown user. Share this: Twitter Facebook. By Kangaroo The Rural Life: Parts 1 — 7 — After moving into a hobby farm in the Australian countryside, June starts to get to know the local animals very well. The Gorilla — A zoo keeper gets an up close and personal experience with a bull gorilla. By Anon. By Alex. By Togarth. Lab Assistant — An erotic story of a woman and an ape.

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Embracing My Inner Primate — I was relieving myself one morning when out of the blue, I felt an animal sniffing my rear. By Azimuffin.

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By Suemartin. By Whiff. By Jane Applestock. They live together in a steamy jungle and have become like the animals with which they share their habitat. Survivors Part 2 By Sheela B. By Kelly Addams. Animals in Night — She rolled to her back, suspecting he would want to fuck her mouth as she sensed her satisfaction. The Dolphin Keeper — A woman has a hot encounter with a dolphin at the aquarium.

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By kangaroo By parker. By Christy Horse. Breed by an Elephant 1 Forest 1 Excerpt — A woman is dropped off in the forest by her husband as he got tired of how she is acting as such she wants to have sex with whomever or whatever in her way. By blackwolfx By Dragontail. Neela and the Tiger — A tiger uses a woman to get revenge for how poachers have treated it.

Becoming the Elephants Wife 1: Part 3 Excerpt — This is the last part of the three-part story, as the main character enjoys herself after being done by many elephants, and horses.

Crashed in the Desert 1 — Some actresses on the way to film shoot crash in the Sahara. By XFactorLocke.

By ACTJ. Hunting Party — This was a dire time for their people. The ZOOphile: The Zebra — Forced to infiltrate yet another bestiality ring—this one specializing in zoo animals—in exchange for Inspector Dick reuniting her with the mother she thought dead for the past year, Barbie ended up having sex with a zebra.

By Michelle M. Arachnes — A woman is used as a breeding vessel for some unusual spiders. The Chimpanzee Community — Preferring women over any man, studying the primates was a natural lifestyle for me. The Zoo keeper — Lucy the Zoo keeper discovers that her job has perks she never imagined. Captured — A couple are kidnapped and the wife is forced to mate with a beast.

Before I could react, I was shoved forward onto all fours and mounted. By Blade. Our African Adventure — A once in a lifetime trip to Africa is a dream come true as two friends try different animals. The Wildlife Park — After taking her teen son and his horny friends to an amusement park, Karen decides to have some alone time at the the local Wildlife Park; while the boys enjoy the water park.

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By PuppyLoverDawn. Let us help you maximize your earning potential in the self-publishing industry. Killer Sex — Something fishy is going on at Sea World! A Gorilla got me Pregnant — A woman goes to work in a third-world country for a special company. By Michelle M. Little Momma gets the Swamp Eel — Witchy and I get my tiny Mexican wife fucked up again, and she fucks a swamp eel that really pleasures her.

Breed by an Elephant 1 Excerpt — A woman finds herself tied up in a dark room that seems to have no end or beginning she is naked and knows what is about to happen. Bear-ly Even a Hunter — A hunter finds a grizzly bear more playful than he could ever imagine. By mandawg. By easy gurl. But loneliness is not a problem when two horny chimpanzees soon begin following her. By One-red. By Anonymous. By anon. The Work Experience Girl — Next time leave your knickers on when your inside the baboon enclosure.

The Trespasser — A woman trespasses onto private property only to be caught by a redneck determined to teach her a lesson. Many young hunters were dying in the deep forest, and the valley her tribe settled was bearing less and less food.

By rlcsub By hounddog. The Hike — After the break up with her boyfriend, Lizza decided that the best way to take her mind off him was to go on a two-day hiking trip in the valley near her estate. By houndddog. Experiments with Jojo — Abby, the veterinary intern, is working with Jojo, the monkey in the lab. By parkerThe Wildlife Park — After taking her teen son and his horny friends to an amusement park, Karen decides to have some alone time at the the local Wildlife Park; while the boys enjoy the water park.

By Casuallywritten. Only to end up more helpless than she could have imagined. By MagnusBane.


The Wolf Pack — Photographing a wolf pack, le to ing them. Hire us today to edit your manuscript, no topic too taboo. By Sheela B. A Day at the Zoo — A women sets out for a day at the zoo, but it all goes horribly wrong. Love Conquers All — An unruly tiger is brought into line by Dianna.

The Gray Wolf — A day trip to the mountains goes astray. Well, we're here to help you. By Nats Helpless — Ava undertakes a new self-bondage challenge in the woods. Her Life In Limbo — A volunteer at a wildlife park gets fucked in the elephant enclosure. The Holiday Surprise — How a seemingly innocent massage has a crazy turn and a snake makes an appearance.

Traditional gender roles had been abandoned for the practicality of survival, and Tanika would be one the first to help lead an uncertain future. A New Home — A woman buys a home in the hope a mysterious local native tribe will initiate her into some sacred and secret zoophilia. The Breeding Unit — A teen girl is captured and used as a breeding vessel.

Seal Island — Breeding season has passed, or so this lone scientist thought as she lay in the sun on a deserted beach, on Seal Island. By gartersnake. Survivors: Part 1 — A group has crashed their plane in the Canadian Rockies and come across something very strange.