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Was ist mein Alter: Ich bin 45 Jahre alt
Hobby: Mädchen zum Ficken ficken Frau Horney Moms Möchten Senioren suchen Sex suchen

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Without the glasses, I would be actually legally blind.

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Actual proof Germans have humor. For once a post about bad health care also applies to Germany.

This year we got shiny with some sort of rococo pattern. Meanwhile, Krankenkassen are paying for homeopathy which is literally just overpriced sugar. If he is in a boring black suit like I expect, will he at least wear a shiny tie? Shiny Olaf Sneak Peak December 25th, Reblogged from Official German Schulsystem.

De: Sleepover Power: Tumblr. You know, a substance he will literally die without.

The shackleton affair (raymond armstrong #2).

An adventurous duochrome! Makes me proud to be a resident of Hessen.

I recently read a post by a German person saying the situation for hearing aids is even worse. Can someone photoshop him into one regardless? The shiny Merkel is very rare and can only be spotted on the 31st of December.

Reviews: "Best blog I have followed in a long time. My first phrase I learned in German was 'ich mach mir gleich in die Hose'.

Authors thestarsarewatchingoveryou do things badly. December 23rd, December 20th, Reblogged from Skurril, aber nicht lustig.

I really enjoy the color this year. What the fuck.

I have a friend who needs to pay for his insulin. December 26th, Reblogged from honestly? This blog requires me to use this phrase constantly because of all the laughter.

Silvery Merkel of Shiny Merkel of !